10 x Oat Vamp Mini Chocolate Bar (1oz)

10 x Oat Vamp Mini Chocolate Bar (1oz)

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These will elevate your trick or treat game in a big way.

Enjoy 10 of our mini Oat Vamp bar. This is a 49% cacao + organic oats bar with the perfect amount of salt to bring out even more chocolate flavor. It will be a celebration on your tongue - congratulations! Art work by the amazing Yusukes Okada.


Set includes 10 x 1oz mini chocolate bars. (20% bulk discount)


Ingredients: cacao, coconut sugar, organic oats, cacao butter, sea salt, organic vanilla

Clean ingredients

Sweetened with coconut sugar, 100% organic & plant-based.

Melt-Free Guarantee

Quick & secure delivery so your chocolate won’t melt.

Responsibly Sourced

Our cacao farmers in Ghana and Ecuador are paid higher than fair trade wages.