Waffle Cone Bar + Black Sesame Chunky Bundle
Waffle Cone Bar + Black Sesame Chunky Bundle

Waffle Cone Bar + Black Sesame Chunky Bundle

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We've teamed up with LA's beloved vegan ice cream company, Dear Bella Creamery to create beautifully tasting one-of-kind chocolate and ice cream flavors for the Fall and Holiday season. 

2 Waffle Cone + 70% Chocolate Bars - Dear Bella's in-house made gluten-free, vegan waffle cone crushed and sprinkled onto the FINE & RAW 70% chocolate bar is the combination we've all been waiting for - think sweet and salty taste mixed with a creamy and crunchy texture. It's the stuff dreams are made of!

2 Black Sesame Chunkies - The Black Sesame chunky is an ode to Dear Bella's Taiwanese influence. The black sesame's jet-black color and uniquely rich nutty flavor has completely transformed the FINE & RAW chunky experience. The soft, fudge-like center has slightly earthy and mild bitter undertones which pairs perfectly with our 70% dark chocolate coating.

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