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Holiday 8pc Truffle Box

Regular price $28.00

No matter where you are or who you are with, this truffle set will 100% increase the levels of deliciousness and bliss all around. The set includes a box of 8 handmade chocolate truffles, coated in 70% dark chocolate (coconut sugar based). Truffle flavors will vary with availability. Flavors include classic bonbon, hazelnut, sea salt, orange zest, espresso and will be a selection of the chocolatier’s choice.

Artwork by the incredibly talented design brand COLD PICNIC (@coldpicnic). COLD PICNIC is a New York-based homeware and textile company specializing in colorful abstract home goods.Their inspiration is deeply influenced by national parks, film, interior design, and art.

Ingredients (vary based on chocolatier’s selection) may include: organic cacao bean, organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter, organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, organic agave, organic hazelnuts, organic orange extract, organic espresso bean, organic cinnamon, sea salt.

Gluten free, organic, vegan friendly.



Clean ingredients

Sweetened with coconut sugar, 100% organic & plant-based.

Melt-Free Guarantee

Quick & secure delivery so your chocolate won’t melt.

Responsibly Sourced

Our cacao farmers in Ghana and Ecuador are paid higher than fair trade wages.