Love Is The Answer
Love Is The Answer
Love Is The Answer

Love Is The Answer

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Love is the answer. What is the question? Well, it really doesn't matter after you have a little nibble of this chocolate and find yourself swirling in a chocolate bliss. This delectable set includes.
  • 1x 8 piece set of heart shape chocolate bonbons
  • 1x mini hazelnut chunkette
  • 1x Salt & Dark Chocolate Bar (2oz)
  • 1x Hazelnut Butter Chocolate Bar (2oz)
  • 1x Oat Milk Chocolate Bar (2oz)
  • 1x Salt & Dark Chocolate Bar (1oz)
  • 1x Oat Chocolate Bar (1oz)
  • 1x Hazelnut Butter Chocolate Bar (1oz)

Artwork by: artist Reed Anderson was born and raised in NYC and his intricate cut paper works have been shown around the world. His work is in several public collections that include MoMA, NYC and the Albright-Knox in Buffalo NY.

10 lucky winners will win a one-of-a-kind Golden Ticket (read: sliver) by Reed Anderson...



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      Sweetened with coconut sugar, 100% organic & plant-based.

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      Our cacao farmers in Ghana and Ecuador are paid higher than fair trade wages.