save the world through silliness and chocolate (artisanal, of course). 

is chocolate magical?


why are we discussing magic in the about section of this website?

you must follow the nature of all things magical to make good chocolate. chocolate is the artful balance of developing magic in flavors and food alchemy.  

Dear Willy Wonker, tell me a little more about FINE & RAW,


FINE & RAW was started in a notorious Williamsburg, Brooklyn artist loft by Daniel Sklaar. Daniel launched into making small chocolate batches and sharing them with friends...he then started delivering them on his bicycle to fine local purveyors. it was apparent that the chocolate was borderline addictive and then some scientists told him that raw chocolate is good for you...so he kept making the chocolate and going deeper down the rabbit hole of what craftsmanship and dedication to the mastery of this tasty art is.

sugars used in our artisan chocolate: coconut sugar (specifically chose as it enhances the rich, deep flavors of cacao...not to mention it has much more nutritional value than cane sugar. #smartvices) 

plant based: yes (hi, vegan friends!)


life is beautiful...and there are many challenges. how as a company do we operate so that we help clean-up and keep our communities/cities/planet healthy? the answer, my chocolatey friend, is called "being sustainable" and is a moving target that we are locked onto. we support positive change and adoption of enlightening ideas about the planet/everything.

likes: organic food, farmers, the sky, clean water, recycling, solar power, wind power, power of the mind, power of the people, jungles, plants, oceans, dancing, friends, families, sharing, eating more chocolate, other

dislikes: N/A

we like our planet. it's the only one with chocolate. 


be in love with the chocolate you eat. 


what is raw chocolate? 

raw chocolate is a reverence for creaminess, possibility and ecology. creativity, innovative play, laughter and movement are the infused flavors.

some say raw chocolate is the quintessential chocolate experience. others say it's an artisan craft, a superfood, the perfect wine/coffee/tea pairing, an aphrodisiac, an amuse bouche, a health food, a whole food, a tongue ceremony. we say yummmm, art, music, dance party, stars, dreams, hopes, parallel universe, science, non-sensical thought, intuition, wisdom, adventure, growth, yes, yes, yes, liberation, rebellion, art, soul, freedom, jazz, you, me, us, connection...

to get more technical click here

describing raw chocolate as self help therapy is interesting. how does chocolate therapy work?

chocolate's therapeutic benefits are simple and profound: eating chocolate makes you feel good! it's a pleasurable experience for your senses and with raw chocolate it's physiologically nourishing too.

how much raw chocolate can I eat?

you could be highly chocolate deficient and in need of several pieces. Katherine Hepburn ate a pound a day and said that was the reason for her ageless beauty.

where should I store my raw chocolate?

raw chocolate is delicate and should be kept in a cool, dry place or in your fridge. we highly recommend storing at least one on your tongue for 5 minutes everyday.


how do you ship chocolate?

for our shipping methods, see our shipping page 


can I return chocolate?

all sales are final. (who doesn't love a little extra choko)


where can I find FINE & RAW near me?

check out this map of our retail friends around the world!