Chocolate Smoothie 4 U <3

Chocolate Smoothie 4 U <3






  1. Add all ingredients to the blender.

  2. Blend, baby!

  3. Enjoy for breakfast, first snack, lunch, second snack, third snack, pre-dinner snack, dinner, post-dinner snack, pre-dessert snack, dessert, post-dessert snack, or insomnia-snack at 3:00 am. 

 In tiny Instagram windows all across our cosmic universe, influencers seemingly beam at your screen while maniacally clutching their favorite green smoothie. They claim it tastes “just like dessert.” 

We at Fine & Raw would like to officially state that, we totally hear them, but: absolutely not. 

This Chocolate Hazelnut Butter smoothie recipe will have you crying the kind of slow tears* that are only associated with the wondrous joy of discovery; for at last, you have found yourself a smoothie worthy of the descriptor “just like dessert.”

Like all of our recipes, this one requires some pantry staples and one fancypants Fine & Raw product that you can easily procure in our local Brooklyn cave of sparkles or online shop. 

*We think you look so pretty when you cry.