Subscriptions 101 + VIPs

Build Your Own Subscription:
Creamy goodness delivered right to your doorstep - always a 15% savings!

How it works:

Step 1: Your Chocolate Haul. Your way. 

Select your products, quantity and frequency. 

Step 2: Sit Back And Enjoy!

It pays to be a member! Chocolate to your doorstep? Yes, please! PLUS you’re a VIP now, check your digital doorstep (aka email) for exclusive secret releases, freebies, promos and more!

Step 3: Commitment Issues? 

Swap, skip, pause your subscription, whenever you want. 

(How-to-Guide +drop down feature)

Hey you VIP, you!

You Have Great Taste

  1. You’re officially a VIP after your fifth purchase (whether you’re a subscriber or not)!! 

Why being a VIP matters

  1. Get exclusive early access to ALL future releases and limited-editions 
  2. Get offered secret products that only VIPs have access to 
  3. Get special promotions, perks and freebies
  4. Choose new releases with exclusive VIP surveys during R&D phase